Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Afternoon nap

Just woke up from my afternoon nap. The weather forecast was correct for today and I just suffered through a very long, cold and wet 5 hours on the bike. But it wasn't all bad - I saw 2 coyotes, a very nice buck and was chased by the same dog as yesterday. Friday I'm going to try and get some upland game hunting in. I really value the outdoor experience, regardless of the weather. My heart still races a bit extra and the adrenaline jumps up a few notches when I see wildlife on my rides. The hunter in me comes alive. I believe strongly in the fact that base training does not only have to be on the bike. Running, cross country skiing, hiking, climbing and yes, hunting all makes up my base-training. And if I can honk my own horn - it results in success later in the season. After my recovery meal, lunch and a nap, I'm ready for another meal. Like I said - my life revolves around eating, sleeping and training. Oh, and planning my next expidition - if all goes as planned, after the 2006 season I will hike across the Rocky Mountains. At least part of them. :) But back to my nap - sleeping does wonders for an athlete's body - that is where the real effect of training takes place. Your body releases more growth hormone and begins to heal. Getting in a short nap in the middle of the day really makes a big difference. I can feel the difference in my legs during the next session. I also try to get a good recovery meal in my body shortly after returning from a ride. It's important to refill the glycogen stores as quickly as possible. Do not underestimate the value of this. I felt good about my ride today, legs are feeling strong, body is ready to go and I don't feel particulary tired towards the end of my sessions. Things are on-track so far. My biggest concern is to avoid any illness. Riding in weather such as this can easily result in a cold or worse. But by taking the correct precautions - getting out of cold, wet workout gear as soon as possible, eating correctly, taking vitamin supplements (especially C and E) along with a good supply of zinc tablets does the trick. I've had great success with zinc tablets, when the body gets tired and wore down after a hard ride and you have a scratchy throat - taking zinc tablet can stop an oncoming cold dead in it's tracks. Just avoid any citrus products before or after taking the zinc. The weather forecast for tomorrow is more of the same - only colder, with snow. Maybe it's time to head south to get more effective training in (?). Well, I better go fix some food. I can feel the hunger build.


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