Monday, November 14, 2005


Annual Training Plan. That would be the technical term of my yearly scheme. Many people think that our training is magic and that it includes some extreme high-tech top secret methods. But really, the only secret is that there is no secret. Only hard work, lots of it. Many top cyclists are turning more and more towards technology in order to improve a minute amount. And rightly so. But still, at the very base of our training lies a very simple concept - lots of long rides at easy to moderate intensity and a smaller amount of high intensity intervals and race-pace training. In endurance sports, most training is focused towards improving the aerobic engine. After all, that is what drives us forward. This time of year I'm focusing almost entirely on long, easy endurance rides and improving technique and leg-speed. First to second week of December marks the start of higher intensity training, closer to threshold. This season I'm also spending some time in the weight-room, primarily focusing on improving power and core-body strenght. But, very simplified - throughout the season I focus on long low to medium intensity rides mixed with shorter higher intensity sessions. I would say that about 85% of my total annual training consists of long, easy rides.


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