Monday, November 21, 2005


Not sure what to write today, not anything exciting coming to mind. Does one have to blog every day? I wonder. I've had a fairly decent day - another day in the weight room, after a little more then an hour of running. I have always wondered how some people can motivate themselves to train in the weight room for hours and hours at a time, several times a week. I find it harder to find motivation for 30 minutes on a treadmill then I do for a 6 hour ride in cold, wet weather on my bike. I simply must get outside, I love the feeling of air on my face and the road rushing by underneath me. Maybe I'll see a deer today? Or a coyote? Fall brings with it beautiful colors, spring is when everything seems to come alive. Even winter has it's beauty. I must train outside, I crave the outdoors. Only 2 more weeks of these boring, long weight room sessions. Then all but one of them will be replaced by rides on the bike. Maybe even a few good cross country skiing sessions. Turkey Day is coming up this week. That is one American holiday I enjoy. Of course - I must train, every day. I praise myself lucky for having a partner, a wife such as mine. She is incredibly supportive and understanding of my endevour. On family vacations, birthdays, from Christmas to Thanksgiving, rain or sunshine - I must train. And she understands. From one thing to another - I love my bread machine! I can make good, hearty wheat bread with exactly the ingredients that I want. It's not as good as mom's home-baked bread, but it's the closest I can come. And the smell of freshly baked bread in the house is very nice. Along with lots of vegetables, fish and potatoes, this makes the core of my diet. In other words - a simple, traditional Norwegian diet. I don't eat as much pasta or rice as many cyclists do. I've tried that, but I felt as though I was lacking energy during my workouts. No, I need lots of freshly baked wheat bread, potatoes, vegetables and fish. Well, tomorrow is a new day and I need my sleep. Good night.


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