Thursday, November 10, 2005


I'm sitting here, or rather laying, in front of my laptop - wondering what to write for my first post. The purpose of this blog is to describe my journey towards a rather far-away goal. Also, I suspect I will rant about things I belive strongly in as well. But the question is - will anyone care? will anyone really want to read about one athlete's ego-centric life? Or his opinions? And shouldn't I be getting some much needed recovery (sleep) rather then writing this? Well, I will do my best to describe the daily/weekly events of my life as well as rant excessively about certain topics. I hope you stay tuned... :) Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you from Norway?

Blogger mags said...

Originally, yes.

Blogger mags said...

Eller burde jeg si "ja"? :) Joda, er nordmann, jeg.

Blogger Chris said...

Hi. I trained indoors for two years in Russia. It's really important to keep a record of training, so good luck. I'll bookmark you and keep in touch.

Blogger mags said...


Thanks for the support. I hope you find some items of interest on this blog. As you probably noticed, this blog is not really a "training log". I think that would be faaaaaar too boring for anyone to read. But, you are absolutely correct - a training log is a very important tool. I couldn't be without one.


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