Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My own little Belgium

Well, the weather-man got it right, again. The weather on today's ride certainly had a "Belgium in the spring" feel to it. 25 degrees Farenheit (about -4 Celcius), snow and 35 mph wind, most of which were cross-winds. The water in my water-bottles turned to ice within 20 minutes. Boy, was it hard to find motivation to stick it out and complete the planned number of hours (5). I am proud to say that I did and it feels pretty nice now, sitting by the fireplace with my hot cocoa watching it snow outside. I don't mind riding in cold temperatures, but that very strong, bone-chilling wind is hard to deal with. Regardless of how many layers of clothes I wear - I always get cold, very cold. Especially my toes and fingers, it is almost as if they are ready to fall off... Not to mention the mucus / snot running very freely. At the start of a ride I try to blow it out of my nostrils without it piling onto my clothes too heavily. On a day like today though, I quickly give up my "cleanliness" and just discharge my nose whenever and where-ever I see fit. The end result after 5 hours of doing this is not pretty. My wife, which loves me dearly, will not come close to me after such a ride. Once she learned what that "white, crusty coating" on my clothes, face and hands were, she stopped asking for hugs and kisses on my return from a ride. I kept asking myself the same question on the bike today: "Why am I doing this?" It can be so easy to give in and cut the ride short. I mean, it is cold, wet and windy! And would it really hurt to cut it short, just this one time? As I'm asking myself all these things, I am trying to ignore my thoughts and simply focus on pedalling smooth circles. Improving the technique, increasing my work-efficiency. That is one of my main goals during the base period leading up to the 2006 season. And so far I'm very happy with the progress. Eliminating the dead-spots in my pedalling-technique, trying to use every single calorie towards increasing speed without increasing workload. Preparing for the 2006 season. So far - so good. My body is recovering nicely between sessions, I'm getting the needed rest and I have avoided illness. I setup this service that tracks visitors to my blog and I'm positively surprised. I didn't even think anyone would be interested in reading about my daily struggles, but apparently I was wrong. Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by this spot to read about a poor cyclist. If you have questions, comments or critique about anything, fire away!


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