Monday, November 14, 2005

My winter equivalent?

A friend sent me a very interesting link: His name is Cory Smith and he has been one of the best (top 15) US cross-country skiiers. He blogged about his journey towards his ultimate goal; Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City 2002. The end result was negative, but that becomes almost insignificant. Although that is very easy for me to see. Never the less - It is very interesting reading for anyone. I hope I have more luck in reaching my goal, but I also hope I can work as hard as Cory did. Please, take some time to visit his site. On a personal note - the weather forecast for tomorrow is temps around freezing and rain/snow. I have a 5 hour ride scheduled. But hey, if the Belgian "hard men" can do it, so can I. I just have to keep telling myself this, over and over again. :)


Blogger Fritz said...

Mags, I found you via CycleDog. What does langkjøring mean? Are you in the U.S.?

Blogger mags said...


langkjøring is a Norwegian word, and a bit hard to translate. In short - it refers to "long, easy endurance rides". Yes, I'm based in the US of A.

Blogger Fritz said...

So langkjøring is sort of like randonneur?

Regarding the one extra sock: I wasn't talking about protecting my feet :-)

Blogger mags said...


Well, randonneur refers to ultra-marathon races, right? langkjøring is more a reference to the type of training that makes up 85% of all endurance athletes yearly training.
Hehehehe... Well, about the sock - my excuse is that english is not my first language.


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