Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a beautiful day. With the exception of the very strong headwind that turned a 15 mile stretch of flat-land into a climb - today was great. Sunny and not too cold. Once the headwind turned into a crosswind I started to enjoy myself. This was one of those days where I praise myself lucky for being able to do what I do every day. As I'm peddaling past the morning commuters, slouched over their coffee and McGriddles for breakfast, I appreciate my situation. An average day in my life starts out at around 7 am in the morning. I get up, eat a large bowl of oatmeal while watching BBC World News, then I feed the dogs. Around 8 am I start getting ready for my morning training session. I will be out on the road until about noon-2pm. After cleaning myself up, I eat and take a nap. Then, I either go training again or I attend my extremely part-time job for a couple of hours in the evening. The only reason I can sustain this type of lifestyle is because of sponsors, a VERY considerate employer and a great "support staff"(both at home and as a rider). I would not trade this for any "9-4" job. Instead of being stuck in traffic, I can ride on nice open country roads through beautiful terrain. I love the feeling it gives me, especially when my body is responding correctly. I would not trade it for anything.


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