Wednesday, November 23, 2005

short and sweet

Short posting today - I don't have much to write about. I'm a bit tired, even if I only had a 4 hour ride today. On top of that I didn't get my afternoon nap - so I'm a bit "zapped". Today seemed like the day to yell and scream at the cyclist... 3 cars pulled by with the passenger window down, screaming at me. For some reason some people feel a rage towards cyclists. I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving have a good day tomorrow. Good evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, a couple of days ago a dumptruck didnt move an inch for me, not an inch, you can imagine what it felt like. Where I ride at riders rarely give me anything, its tough, but you know that you arent the only person that gets a hard time from cars.

Blogger mags said...

I know exactly what that feels like. Every now and then some jerk in a large semi-truck just honks the horn and flies by doing 60mph, 2 inches by my left shoulder.


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