Wednesday, December 07, 2005

aches and pains

Nothing much to report today either, I did about 2.5 hours of running and I'm really paying for it now. With about 3 hours yesterday and 2.5 hours today, my body is screaming at me, wondering what the heck I'm doing to it. My hips and knees are hurting, but it should all be allright by tomorrow. I notice that I'm getting "heavier" in the step each season, in other words - my running "skills" are getting worse and worse. I guess that is a natural by-product of all the riding. After feeling the aches and pains after just 2 days of running, I'm thankful that I'm performing in a "non-impact" sport. Tomorrow I'm going to do the first session of the season on the trainer. I've got a higher intensity threshold session scheduled. Shouldn't be too bad. Other than that, I've been busy with holiday preperations. I love Christmas actually, I love how everything "slows down", spending time with family and enjoying good food. Although, I always watch what and how much I eat. But, I treasure even the smallest piece of cake, pie or cookie - simply because that is all that I will eat. Sometimes I think I appreciate such food much more because I never eat very much of it at all. I'm also trying to find time to be involved with a cause that I really burn for - childhood obesity. I've ranted about this over and over again in previous posts, such as and I wish we could get more focus on this in the main-stream media. Like it or not, it's a huge problem, no pun intended, and it will not go away unless we address it. Handling this problem means, in my opinion, making changes across the board. Big life-style changes are required. As an athlete, I hear and see the effects of this "in-activity" in endurance sports. The quality of young athletes is dropping, the level of performance is not improving, but rather declining. This is especially noticeable in endurance sports that accurately quantify performance (running, speed skating etc). Ok, I'll get off my soap-box for now. I can feel the effects of the mexican dinner I had with the wife kicking in anyways, so I better go take care of business. Although, I highly recommend mexican food, great stuff. :)


Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Running is something I had to give up entirely. With the thighs of a track sprinter, my knees and ankles just can't take that kind of pounding.

It is noble to have a soapbox issue like childhood obesity. Keep screaming long and lound and somebody will eventually hear your message.

Blogger Lever said...

My yonger half brother is a classic case of childhood obesity - 16 years old, 6' 4" tall and weighing in over 20 stone! The trouble with getting him to come mountain biking with me is that he's too fat to be bothered to even attempt exercise - a vicious cycle you could say ;)

I started running a while back so I could keep up with my girlfriend then gave it up when my knees hurt - cycling is much better, plus you get a seat too :)

Blogger mags said...

I really enjoy running and giving it up is not something I would want to do... :) I will keep screaming and writing about childhood obesity and general inactivity - at some point someone has to pay attention.
Lever, many young children would fit the "profile" of your younger brother. We need to make drastic changes to combat this problem.


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