Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Another positive

According to Velcochimp, http://velo.astrochimp.com/, Inigo Landaluze has tested positive on testosterone. Landaluze recently won the Dauphine, where the positive test result came from. If you are wondering why the heck he would test positive on the male hormone, well my guess is as follows:

Not surprisingly, during high, sustained and prolonged efforts you wear down your body. The testosterone level drop sharply during such times and serves as a great indicator of when you need rest and recovery. Once the body gets its required rest, these levels will naturally rise again. For some reason, many team doctors on the Continent sees nothing wrong with injecting testosterone to speed up the recovery process. As a result, Mr. Landaluze is now most likely looking at a 2 year ban, and rightly so.

As I've stated earlier, I'm a firm believer in a life-time ban for athletes that test positive (A and B sample) for performance enhancing drugs. They take these PEDs knowingly and willingly and in doing so, they give the sport a terrible image and they degrade and dishonor all the clean riders. There is no reason to bring them back into the sport again.

When news like this pops up, it makes me both sad and happy. I'm sad, not for the cheating athlete - he gets what he deserves, but for the sport. But, I'm also happy, because it proves that the system works. We are catching these dishonest riders. Many riders complain about all the out-of-season tests, but I welcome them. In my opinion they should do more testing, especially during the off-season. I'll gladly pee in a cup for anyone, if it helps improve the image of our sport.


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