Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bringing back the joy of the outdoors

Yes, I know, here he goes again - rambling about the woods and mountains of Norway. As I've said many times before in this blog, I believe there is a direct link between the growing health problems among young people and the lack of outdoor activities. The youth of today does not take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, running etc. As a result, we see an increase in diseases such as childhood obesity. I believe we need to turn this trend around and help people re-discover all the excitement and joy that lies right outside the doorstep. We need to show youth that it's possible to have fun without the Playstation. I would like to point out 1 individual and 1 organization that is doing a fantastic amount of work with regards to this problem. 1. Lars Monsen. Lars is a fellow Norwegian and a great explorer. He has done much good work and showed young people that it's fun, and even cool / hip to take part in outdoor activities. Lars is most known for his epic, 3 year solo journey across the wilderness of Canada, but he has also done several other "small" expeditions across the world. Please visit his web-site and check out his diary / newsletters from his Canadian adventure. It's great reading! 2. Outward Bound Wilderness. This non-profit organization offers outdoor activities in the US and internationally. They work with several schools and promote outdoor activities among youth and adults. Every kid they touch will have a new-found love for the outdoors! If you are looking for a charity to donate some hard-earned cash to, look no further. :)


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