Sunday, December 04, 2005

Forced rest

WEll, I had a 2.5 hour ride planned today - instead I'm sitting here writing in my blog. Why is that? Because I'm nurturing a cold... I've been feeling a bit "out of it" all week long, especially in the mornings and evenings. Last night I decided to take 1 day of forced rest, in order to give my body a chance to fight this off before it gets worse. So, I slept for 11-12 hours and will stay warm and dry all day long with no unneccessary activity. I take these forced rest days with both a smile and a tear. On one hand I know that a rest day can do wonders for my body and it will prevent me from getting sicker and maybe having to loose a whole week. Especially since I've got a fairly slow day scheduled tomorrow (weight room), a rest day today combined with a slow day tomorrow should make me ready for more training later. However, I've always had problems "skipping" training - I feel like I take two steps forward and one backward every time I take a forced, unplanned, rest day. Of course this is completely wrong, since 2.5 hours of training will not change the outcome of a season with 800-1000 hours of planned training. But, nevertheless - the feeling is there. Gnawing away at me, gnawing, gnawing... :) 2 years ago I would not have heeded the subtle signs of illness and continued training without an extra rest day. 2 years ago I had regulary weeks of lost training due to illness. 2 years ago my support staff was frustrated, trying to get me to stop training when sick. But still - I feel bad for not being out there today, riding my heart out. But I know I shouldn't. I know it's better for me not to. But... Anyways, there you have it - the confused, clouded mind of a Norwegian. :) I did analyze the first period of Base training this pre-season. It was good, I reached the amount of training I had planned. My body responded well to the training and I had a good road test. I think I have improved my technique and increased power, without gaining any weight. Tomorrow my 2nd Base period starts. Goals for this period are fairly simple. I need to lose 2 pounds (down to 148lbs), I will continue to work on pedal efficiency and I will be looking for improvement in muscle endurance as well as hill climbing. The intensity in my sessions will increase a bit. I will start doing tempo rides (rides at threshold or slightly below - race pace) and seated hill-climbing at a high cadence. That means rides up into the elevations, on snow-covered gravel roads... I can't wait. :) Soon the first training camp starts, which is good. The sessions will be the same, but all in much warmer weather. As always, I keep half an eye on the happenings of the Pro-Tour. I guess Basso will ride the Giro as well next season. Should be an interesting race, with riders such as Ullrich and Basso. Although, I'm fairly sure they both will only come to the Giro as prep for the Tour. I don't think they will try to peak for both races, too much of a gamble. Ok, that's it for me. Now I must go do nothing.


Blogger asssssssssss said...

Yeah-being sick literally sucks...And as for Basso I think that part of his decision is to get this whole "Tour de France" burden off his back...

Blogger mags said...

I will not admit to being sick. :) If I can trick my body into believing I'm fine, then maybe I will be fine...
I think it will be hard for to avoid the public pressure for Basso. As a high-placer in the Tour last year, as well as other great results in 2005, he is bound to be a favourite in 2006.

Blogger asssssssssss said...

Yes but then again if he does compete in giro there will be the "he tried to do them both and armstrong never did" thing.Btw if you use msn or icq drop me a line:)

Blogger mags said...

Yeah, true. I don't think Basso realistically looks to win both the Giro and the Tour in one year. He is going for the Tour, I would think.

Blogger asssssssssss said...

But then again he doesn't ride TT's as well as Jan does...But I hope(I'm a CSC fan:>) that he will gain enough lead in the mountains:).Do you support any particular team?

Blogger Sophist said...

I love your blog! Are you working a job on top of all this training?!?

It's upsetting to me that sponsors are so difficult to find for fine sports like cycling and rowing. Even in the highest echelon of US-based cycling, many cyclists still need to work second jobs to make ends meet. It must be difficult for these cyclists to compete with their worldwide counterparts who can focus exclusively on cycling.

Keep up the great entries.

Blogger Sophist said...

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Blogger mags said...

No, not many riders have more talent then Jan Ullrich, especially when it comes to TTs. And I think the Tour will suit him well in 2006, due to the TTs and the last week of racing.
Sophist - Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate it. Because of comments like yours, I find time and "inspiration" to keep writing this blog. Like I've said earlier - I do have a ultra-part time job, but I'm more or less training full-time. Thanks to a very understanding employer, sponors and a good support structure, I am able to focus 100% on training / racing. Cycling is not the only sport suffering from sponsorship problems etc. Cross country racing is maybe even worse off. Athletes in the very top (gold winning Olympians etc) might only make $15,000 to $30,000 a year from skiing.

Blogger asssssssssss said...

Depends on when skiing are you talking about-biathlon, maybe yes but in ski jumping/dh you can make a loot more.and as for Jan I believer that if it wasn't that awful crash during TT back in 2003 he could win...even armstrong admits that Jan was insanely strong in the final TT(if you want I can put LA:Ride of a lifetime on yousendit or something if you haven't seen it, it's great how he talks about those key moments and Jan as his arch-rival:) )

Blogger mags said...

Well, some of the more "high profile" winter sports attracts more sponsors. Like any other sport, endurance sports are traditionally not as "hot" as more "sexy" sports. That would explain the money in each sport.



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