Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year and other assorted bits and pieces

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! If you are the sort that makes New Year's resolutions - well, good luck keeping them.

This time of year has, like always, been dominated by large amounts of training for me. Last week was a high volume week, although I did not quite reach my goal. I fell 2.5 hours short as a matter of fact, but I still felt as though I got some good sessions in. I chickened out and only put in 3 hours on Christmas Day, which contributed to my loss last week. This week has been a low volume, low intensity recovery week, which I badly needed. I've spent 3 days on the sofa, with my legs up and doing absolutely nothing. I am, yet again, fighting off a respiratory infection. This would be the second this winter, if my counting is correct. I should be alright for tomorrow though, as I feel more energetic today. We shall see, we shall see.

I also need to re-evaluate my diet with the professionals in my federation. I've been slacking off and not eating enough, which has contributed to an almost chronic lack of energy lately. Instead of only having 3-4 meals a day, I'm increasing it up to 5-6, which should increase recovery between sessions. This will hopefully help the intensity during my afternoon sessions. I have been feeling great during the first session of the day, but the second session have been lacking quality. I must focus more on getting that proper recovery meal in and some rest after the morning workout.

What concerns me more, is a recurring stomach/digestion problem. Basically, I'm fighting bloat, gas - call it what you want. After meals I look like I'm 20 pounds over-weight. My lower abdomen bloats up and I'm struggling to get rid of it. I'm hoping the "so-called" experts can find a solution to this, as it is also bothering me a bit. It creates discomfort during work-outs... But hey, it I can't get rid of it, I'll make sure to turn it around into something positive. Maybe drafting behind me isn't such a good idea anymore. Unless you are wearing a gas-mask, that is. Yes, this will be the "little extra" that will make 2006 a break-through season for me.


Blogger servento said...


Just one question: It's 20 degrees (F). The roads are snowy/icy. You look at your training schedule, and it tells you that you're supposed to do a 4-hour ride. What do you do? Do you take out your mountain bike?

Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

You know, in yopur tag line on your blog header, you say you don't know why you blog about an unrealistic goal? I think I know why you do it! It makes the possibility more real to you as well as serving as a spur to drive you to your goal. I may be wrong, but I don't think so! I blog for precisely the same reason. I've dropped 321 pounds in the last 9 months and I blog to give me tangible proof as to what I am struggling with rather than to entertain and amuse people. Surprisingly, I've gotten a huge amount of support and encouragement from those who visit, and my blog has kind of mutated into a weight loss/post surgery journal/cycling site! It keeps me training and exercising by stimulating competition with for example, a thing I have going called Spinner Saturday. I'm actually blogging now over at MSN rather than Blogspot, but my Blogspot blog is still up and running as well, with a redirect link to my MSN blog embedded in the headline of my posts there! I ice bike, and run studded tires in the winter so weather isn't a factor too often, and when it is I ride a Spinner bike in the gym! My unrealistic goal is to ride the Kokopelli Trail race in 2007. This is an unsupported 142 mile mountainbike event through the desert and mountains from Moab, Utah to Loma, Colorado! I was in a wheelchair March this year and am up to 30-60 miles/day(50-100km) capability. Come on by and visit!

Blogger mags said...


If you are absolutely sure you cannot safely ride on the road, then I would look for an alternative. Normally, a 4 hour ride is basically done as an "endurance" session and can therefore be accomplished as a "cross-training" session. Running, skiing, use your MTB, hike a mountain. Really anything that elevates your HR into zone 1 or 2 and lasts 3-6 hours.
Stormcrowe - way to go! Very impressive, good luck losing the additional weight. Just as a side-note: I don't think my goal(s) is/are unrealistic. I think some people might perceive them as such, but I know I can and will reach them, with the proper effort.


Blogger iain said...

Happy New Year to you too. I hope you made a resolution to keep writing the blog. Good luck in the New Year.

Blogger mags said...


Thank you. Yes, I intend to keep writing, I enjoy it more and more. As long as I have something remotely interesting to write, I will keep going. The creativeness comes and goes. :)


Blogger Skibby said...

Happy New Years Mags, you da man!

Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

I don't think they're unrealistic either Mags! I was basically saying that the blogging helps you keep it in your mind that they ARE realistic, regardless of what anyone else may think!::GRIN:: Hell, I'm hardly one to tell someone they have an unrealistic goal after telling my doctors they were full of it and then proving me right so far!::GRIN::

Blogger mags said...


Yes - you are right. Blogging about my journey does help. To be honest, I do it for purely egoistic reasons. :) Your accomplishments are very, very impressive by the way. Losing that much weight cannot be easy.



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