Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Canadian dream

I'm sitting here, staring at a large map over Canada - losing myself in one of my future "projects". I would like to complete a trip (on foot) from Great Slave Lake to the Hudson Bay in Canada. The distance is more or less 500 km by air, but it would be somewhere around 550-600 km by foot. Just me and the dogs, hiking across a small piece of Canada. What more could I ask for? Of course, as I've mentioned before, crossing the inland ice-cap of Greenland from Ammassalik to Sondre Stromfjord is also very high on the "to-do" list. This distance is about 550 km as well, but in a very different climate than my Canadian adventure. And to be honest, the solo trip across Greenland is most likely at the edge of my capabilities or worse. I've been exposed to similar weather conditions before in Norway and completed long trips isimilarar climate, but still... It would mosdefinitelyly push me to my limits, since Greenland is very much a "polar" experience. Not to mention that both trips require large amount of time and resources, which could be hard to allocate in my present position. The Canadian trip is more "accessible", both with regards to time and funds and might be first on the list. Both trips would fall in my racing season, or in the weeks leading up to the season, and would therefore take some creative effort my part to pull off. Only time will tell, I guess. From one thing to something completely different - have we seen the end of the ProTour? It doesn't look like either the UCI or the 3 "big ones" are willing tcompromisese. Too much pride at stake I guess. Who would have thought that the UCI liked to flex their muscles? ;) Well, Christmas is drawing closer by the day. We were planning to get a tree today, but ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow then. The wife smashed the driver side mirror in her car and she is absoluteldistraughtht over it. I can't believe it. It's just a mirror, not the end of the world. Speaking of the end, I will stop ranting and cut this posting short, before it gets even more scrambled, if that is possible.


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Good luck :)

Blogger mags said...

Thank you.


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