Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Posts to come

Over the last few days I have been posting "trivial" stuff, which most likely has not been too interesting for you, my reader. I realize I haven't been 100% true to the original intent with this blog - discussing cycling related topics. I just haven't had much creative juices flowing through me lately. :) To make up for all of this, I will start writing a series of articles discussing the mental aspect of training and racing. The first one should be posted tonight, I hope. :) Stay tuned for more!


Anonymous jeff.dmy said...

I've have enjoyed your non-cycling entries lately, it is especially nice to hear about how you wish to come to Canada, my homeland and enjoy our vast wilderness. Although I enjoy the endurance/cycling entries, we a all need a little diversion once and awhile.

Blogger mags said...


Thank you for the kind words. Yes, Canada is very high on my list. What a great country! You can't find such vast areas of untouched wilderness many other places on this earth, maybe with the exception of Siberia. I'm glad you've found my blog interesting.



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