Friday, December 09, 2005

Scrambled mind :)

In many ways I'm very much like a child, at least my wife swears by that. If I've had a good training session, she knows because I'm smiling and happy. If on the other hand, my body didn't perform properly and the session was a bit "hard", I'm grumpy and depressed. Well, today I'm happy! Over the last 2 days I've had some longer sessions with higher intensity, all aerobic still, but staying closer to my threshold. I have felt very good during these sessions. My power and energy seems to be better than what it was last year at this time. Of course, this is all just "perceived", since I haven't gone in for my lab test yet, but I have a good feeling about it. And it makes me a happy camper. :) I noticed that the Grand Tour organizers decided to leave the ProTour circuit today, the power-play continues between them and the UCI. I have to say that the gentlemen of the Grand Tours make some good, compelling points as to why they chose to go this route. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this. For more info, check out Some interesting news has came out of Norway as well, as Stifinner Naturopplevelser AS will run the Geilo Festival of Cycling for the first year in 2006. This will be an 8-day long event with both road and mountain bike events scheduled. It will attract recreational bikers as well as some of the national elite. Stifinner Naturopplevelser wants to create the equivalent of the Sea Otter Classic. I wish them the best of luck and really, really hope that this event gets a great start. Geilo is a beautiful area, very well known for it's winter sports and it's well suited for this type of an event. Check out for more details. I have figured out how to add pictures to this blog and wanted to show you all my "kingdom" back home:

I have spent countless hours, days and weeks in this terrain. Biking, running, skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. This is where I go to clear my mind, to find a purpose.

From one thing to another - for my Norwegian speaking readers, I would HIGHLY recommend visiting and reading Ingrid Kristiansen's web-page addressing endurance training. Lots of very, very good information there. Although Ingrid is (was) a long-distance runner, the topics discussed here are just as relevant for cyclists. Take a look:

Well, the winter Olympics are drawing closer by the day. I am getting more and more excited, this will be a great event. I am planning, time permitting, to provide a blow-by-blow report on this blog, but February also means high volumes of hard training for me - so I may only have time/energy to watch the Olympics and not write about them. But, at least I'm planning to write a bit, time will tell if I'll be able to. For me, cross country skiing is the most interesting winter sport and I will naturally try and follow that more closely. I find it very interesting since there are a great deal of similarities between training methods (philosophy) in this sport and cycling. Very similar indeed.

Over the last few days I have been trying to collect my thoughts, trying to find time and purpose to write a posting about endurance training philosophies and the interaction between a team, a coach and the individual athlete. Maybe I'll attempt to write this piece tomorrow or later tonight. Stay tuned!


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