Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, that was it. First road test of the 2006 pre-season is out of the way. I'll admit I was a bit excited about it this morning. The test is fairly simple, it's a 10 mile (16 km) course over hilly terrain and I ride it at aerobic intensity. In reference to heart rate, it's about 10 beats below lactate threshold heart rate, or a pre-determined amount of watts below threshold power. In other words, not an all-out effort, far from. The outcome of today's test was promising and better then previous tests this time of year. Conditions today were not great - 20 degrees F (-6C), overcast with a 15 knot quartering head-wind. Maybe it's time to pack my bags and go to Tenerife? :) Other then that, I've not done too much today. Tomorrow I've got about 2.5 hours of riding, before I start my 2nd week of base training on Monday. Intensity will certainly increase, with tempo rides and focused hill-climbs. Starting in January the first set of "true" intervals start, so next month will be a good build-up towards those sessions.


Blogger Skibby said...

Holy Crap, that's cold dude. I wussed out today but I'm going to ride outside tomorrow? maybe... I lifted instead, did 1 legged leg press and box jumps. So 10 beats below thresh-hold at a pre-determined watts rate. Can I ask how many watts you can put out at that level?

Blogger mags said...


Yeah, it is cold. But it is doable. Strenght training this time of year is not a bad thing, as long as you make sure to transfer the gains onto the bike. My threshold watts is about 370. At least it was last year. By lowering my weight down to 142-145lbs and pushing my threshold up a bit, I should be good.

Blogger Skibby said...

well I did a 2 hour ride today at 5 degrees F, wasn't bad at all. That's a pretty good watts to weight ratio you got going there...

Blogger mags said...


As long as you dress according to the climate, the temp isn't all that bad. Thank you, by the way. My power-weight ratio is not too bad, no. If only looking at the numbers, I should be able to ride competitively with many "high profile" riders. However, there is so much more to good results, then just good "numbers". Take Max V02 for example - most athletes reach their max number at a young age (21-23 years old), but they rarely reach top results at that age. Work economy and the body's ability to effecively take advantage of energy (calories) also plays very important parts and they take much longer to develop. Of course - factors such as tactics and mental stamina is also extremely important and not easily "quantified". I guess my point is that I've discovered that numbers alone never show the entire picture. They can show potential, but not much more...


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