Sunday, December 11, 2005


A very, very long 4 hours on a trainer. All while watching "Glory" and "A beautiful Mind". Two good movies and both selected completely randomly from our DVD collection. Talk about mental training, geeez! I don't even know how I managed that long, but it feels good now. Anyone that has ever spent months, or even years, in a foreign country know how much you start to miss all the little things that make up "home". At least I do. I try to get my "fix" of Norwegian culture by watching Norwegian television and reading newspapers over the internet. It still gets pretty sometimes, while other days I don't even think about it. I am walking around with an idea of registering for a cross country ski race in January (open / citizen category) - for no other reason then because I think it would be fun. I'm always looking for a "change of pace" and this might be interesting. :) No decision made yet, we'll see what happens.


Anonymous Ben said...

Four hours?!!

I thought of you this morning - went out for a few hours with a friend and managed to crash on an iced-up manhole cover! Luckily nothing hurt but my pride...

Blogger mags said...


Yup, 4 hours - which is about 3 hour and 59 minutes too long. :)


Blogger iain said...

! Very impressive willpower.
Any particular workout structure or just spinning away and enjoying the movies?

Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

4 hours IS a very long time on the trainer. My longest marathon sessions never exceed 2 hours on the rollers on the track bike. More than that and I just begin to lose my mind... and go numb.

Beautiful pictures below too. I can see why you enjoy time outside so much. The fishing must be incredible.

Blogger mags said...

Yesterday's 4 hour ride was an endurance ride, I basically focused on keeping the heart-rate around 65-70% while not trying to completely lose my mind.
Tim - if you liked the picture you should see it in "real life". :) It's amazing, and yes - both trout and salmon fishing is excellent.



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