Monday, January 30, 2006


Skibby over at put me onto this subject again; Are the use of altitude tents, pressurized rooms and cabins unethical? Should athletes have to seek actual altitude to get the benefits of thin air? Is the media completely haywire when they mention EPO, blood doping and altitude tents in the same breath?

It's discussion time, give me your 2 cents on this! Like we say in Norway, kjør debatt!


Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I think the tents are probabl an ok use of technology. Not everybody can travel for altitude, but if you ahve the money you can buy altitude. I have a hard time finding fault with the tents.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

correct me if iam wrong.i think in italy tents are forbidden.and in the previous giro police took the tents away from the teams.

Blogger mags said...

Some nations and national federations have illegalized the use of aritifical altitude training (tents, cabins, trailers). However, on an international basis, it's still perfectly legal and no athlete would be "struck down" by WADA or the IOC for using such training aids.


Blogger Patrick said...

...not that i in any way condone cheating, but today's "training aid" can be tomorrow's "banned aid".

TENS muscle stimulators, such Compex, are legal now, right? same thing, imho.

Blogger mags said...

Yes, of course methods and products are always up for evaluation and can either become legal or illegal.



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