Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good News / Bad News

I managed to pick up what remains of my sick, debilitated body and add a sponsor to the list. I'm excited about this relationship and I'm glad that people are willing to put their faith in me, still. My end of the deal equates to public speaking, attending seminars and talking about the life of an athlete. I enjoy doing that anyways, at least most of the time.

The bad news is that I'm still sick, getting better, but still sick. I hope, pray, that this isn't a viral infection (mono or TWAR). That would be terribly, terribly bad. The extreme tiredness and lack of energy concerns me. Well, I guess I'll know soon enough, the blood tests should give us an indication. I apologize for the complete lack of interesting posts this week, but I'm too wrapped up in this whole thing. I promise to pour out an endless stream of creativity, as soon as I can muster enough energy to type. Typing has become a sort of base training, with elevated heart rate and the whole package.


Blogger Lever said...

Ah, good job on the sponsorship dude :) Your public writing skills are good so you public speaking should be no problem.

As for being sick, I hope it's not viral. If it were just a cold or flu then, as a UK resident, I'd heartily recommend a decent serving of that most British of dishes... the Indian Curry!

Get well soon :)

Blogger mags said...

Thank you for the support. I appreciate it, especially these days. :)

I do feel better today (Friday) and hope to be well enough to start training again in 1-3 days.

Curry - ah, yes. Good stuff.



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