Monday, January 23, 2006

Roller coaster

Monday. New day, new week. Fresh start, but illness free? Last week was a complete wash, from a training perspective at least. I put in an easy 2 hours on the trainer today, but I'm certainly not completely back in the game, yet. It's one day at a time now.

Other than that, I'm glued in front of the TV, watching the Australian Open. It's amusing to listen to the complete glorification of Federer by the TV commentators. Not that the guy isn't a great player, but still...

And since the Olympics are drawing ever nearer, I can't avoid mentioning the controversy that seems to occupy most Norwegians these days - Why was Petter Northug not selected for the Olympic cross country team?

Petter is a 20 year old, extremely promising cross country skier, who has consistently beaten the established elite. Why was he dropped? Apparently he is too young, will not be able to handle the pressure and might now have enough training days at altitude. Regardless of what happens, remember his name. He has the potential to become one of the few great.


Blogger servento said...

I think they should have let Petter Northug race the Olympics. The guy won the Norwegian Championship, which, in my opinion, should have guaranteed him a place in the Olympic squad. Maybe the people in charge think that he might be depressed if he is destroyed by the competitors. Maybe they think that he can't handle the pressure. But many other big cross country skiers have raced the Olympics at a young age. Bjørn Dæhlie did it when he was only 20 years old, and we all remember how successful he was later in his career. No matter what decision they make, I'm sure that Northug jr. will become a great skier.

Good luck with your training, Mags. Take it easy, the year is still young, and you can easily make up for lost time later.


Blogger mags said...

Petter will be back, regardless of what happens in Italy next month. I too, think he can handle the pressure. The only objection may be his lack of experience at altitude. This Olympics are held in thin air and it can really jump up and bite you, if you are not prepared.

Thank you for the encouragement, by the way. I appreciate it. Today was a better day, 3 hours of fairly good effort on the trainer. Felt ok, so things may finally be improving for me.



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