Friday, January 27, 2006

Yes, I'm still here

Well, so much for "a New Year and a fresh start". Not only have I been sick as the proverbial dog, I've also had a complete writer's block. With the exception of the friends, family and acquaintances that stop by here to check out the personal tidbits of information that I post from time to time, most of you are looking for substance. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write much material with substance lately. For that, I apologize.

The good news is that things are finally improving at my end. The results of the bloodwork were very positive and I've been able to train with high quality all week without any symptoms. I got the final green light after a doctor's visit today and should be on track now.

I'm not completely gone from the clinic though, but now my visits are more productive. We are currently evaluating flexibility and muscle imbalances. I've got some work to do on the flexibility side of things, like most other cyclists. But all in all, the season preparations are back on track and with some slight adjustments everything is back to where is should be.

For the sport enthusiast, there are so many exciting things happening these days. The Winter Olympics are very close and while we wait, we can watch the Australian Open. I've always been a big tennis fan and I'm completely mesmerized by the young player from Cyprus, Marcos Baghdatis. This 20 year old, unseeded player has came from nowhere and played himself into the final. And how he has played! He is strong, powerful, charismatic and very entertaining. Not to mention the very healthy, balanced attitude he has towards his recent success. All in all, a great story - where will it end? Well, we will all know on Sunday when he plays the world's number 1, Roger Federer.


Anonymous Philip Gomes said...

"The bloodwork is positive". Now there is an unfortunate turn of phrase for a cyclist!

But seriously Mags, good to have you back.

Baghdatis is fun, and was a junior champion so his talent was there, some players need a bit more seasoning before the talent gels into something resembling greatness.

Look at Federer, true god given greatness and sublime talent. I'm torn as to who I'd like to see win.

My heart is with Marcos but my head with Roger.

Blogger mags said...


Ah, so you caught on to that one, huh? :) Yes, not a very wise choice of words, at all. :)

Didn't Baghdatis win the Australian Open as a Junior a few years back?

I agree with you, Federer has played as a true champion. He is able to step it up a few notches when required, to win the match. I hope for the young guy from Cyprus, but I think Federer is too strong.


Blogger Skibby said...

Magsie! Nice to have you back, I was getting worried. Positive bloodwork? Good for you, the Flintstone vitamins are working for me! Later, Skibby

Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Good to see you back and riding.

We all stop by looking for good news, so I am glad the good news has come.

Blogger mags said...

Skibby - I gotta get myself some of those flintstone vitamins. Maybe I too can look more like a pure track rider... ;)

Thank you for the kind words, Tim.



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