Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cake for me!

37 hours, baby! 37 hours full of quality and concentration. Now it's time to enjoy a well-deserved week of low volume and lots of cake. Well, maybe not so much cake, but plenty of rest, for sure.

Next week marks the beginning of 17 wonderful days, the 2006 Winter Olympics. Stay tuned to this space for some inside information on the cross country competitions. First event up is the Women and Men's Pursuit on Feb 12th (next Sunday).


Anonymous Jeff said...

37 hours...that's a lot of training. How many hours do you train in a low-volume week? 20 hours? ;)

Blogger mags said...

Hehehehehe... No, that would be a medium week. This week is all the way down to 12 hours. And I'm loving every second of it right now. :)


Blogger servento said...


How do you organize your training? Some riders focus on a special skill, such as climbing, time trialing or sprinting, for three weeks, and then they do a low-volume recovery week. What kind of system do you follow?

Servento, who has _never_ gotten anywhere near 37 hours of training in a week :P

Blogger mags said...


I follow what many would call a traditional training program. I do periodize, both with respect to volume and effort. The periodization happens on both a monthly scale and a seasonal scale.

At the core of my program, you would find lots of long rides at level 1 and 2, a fair bit of level 3 intervals and small amounts of level 4 and 5 efforts.

I do not focus on 1 specific skill, but rather on developing the engine.



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