Saturday, March 25, 2006

I hate early season....

It appears as though my goal of regular blogging has failed, miserably. It's been difficult finding time between training, travelling and racing. This time of year is very much like it always is; Cold, wet, windy and medicore. But hey, it builds character. And we all need more of that.

I hope everyone's training and/or racing is going well. Until next time, stay healthy and ride hard. :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The bull from Grimstad

Congrats to Thor Hushovd who won the 4th stage of Tirreno - Adriatico today. Thor came in before big names as Petacchi and Freire. This is promising only a week away from one of Thor's main goals this season, Milan - San Remo.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Intervals and James Bond

Well, my blogging has been very much a "hit and miss" thing lately. February and March have been very hectic, to say the least. Between making sure new gear is ready and getting quality training in, I've been completely drained. Things have been going very well on the training side and I feel like I'm improving every day. I've got about 6 weeks of higher volume and higher intensity left, before I enter "race mode".

I also feel I'm getting better at organizing each and every day, so that I'm not constantly thinking about training and racing. This is vital to avoid mental burn-out. What I've found helps a great deal, is to break everything up into 4 week blocks. I have set goals in terms of volume and quality for each period and as long as I'm meeting these goals I'm happy. It's not crucial that I have to follow a daily training plan like a slave. I try to listen to my body, watch the weather and make sure I get enough rest. In other words, I do have a daily plan but it's certainly changeable.

Right now, I'm busy watching an old, classic James Bond movie. Great way to relax. :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Words of truth

Eg er, som vel du veit, ein fjellets mann,

og difor dreg til fjells so tidt eg kan,

aa friska meg paa fly og bratte bryn

og sjaa ikring meg alle store syn.

Men etter som eg meir paa alder steig,

og foten mindre lett frametter seig,

so laut eg soleis sveiva meg og snu, at eg i Jotunheimen fekk ei bu,

der eg ein maanads tid kan liva vel og styrkja millom fjell om skrott og sjæl.

Aasmund Olavsson Vinje

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Keeping it simple

I got caught up in a discussion about training plans and training methods the other day, probably very much like many of you do as well. I think many of us fall into the trap of making this more difficult than it actually is. If you get too wrapped up into periodizations, which of the 1ooo different interval methods to use, when to train hard, when to train easy... It can drive most lesser mortals crazy and transform an otherwise normal person into a babbling blub.

So, allow me to simplify your life and alleviate you from any further frustration. :) Here follows my humble philosophy:

Organize your week around 2 interval sessions and 1 longer distance workout at "race intensity". Preferably use 1 interval session in zone 3 and the other one in zone 5. For obvious reasons, the distance workout must be in and around zone 3-4. After you have placed these key sessions and planned for adequate recovery before and after them - fill in with long, easy to medium intensity rides. I would also recommend 2-3 strength sessions per week, time permitting. If you are experienced enough to feel when you need to rest and recover, then don't bother scheduling a low week. If not, plan 1 easy week every 4 weeks. Train about half the volume of your normal week.

When / if you need to reduce volume (racing season) - keep the key sessions (intervals and distance workout), just reduce the longer endurance rides.

I also believe in keeping the key sessions all year long, if possible. So, that's it. Simple, yeah? Now all you have to do is get out there and put in the time. Oh, and make sure you focus on quality, quality, quality.

Now I got to get back to watching "Underworld". Ah, mindless violence. Great after a hard day.