Saturday, March 11, 2006

The bull from Grimstad

Congrats to Thor Hushovd who won the 4th stage of Tirreno - Adriatico today. Thor came in before big names as Petacchi and Freire. This is promising only a week away from one of Thor's main goals this season, Milan - San Remo.


Blogger servento said...

Well, let's just hope that he will be able to at least match, maybe improve the 3rd place from my favorite race last year (I want to say 2nd place, since Danilo Hondo was later caught using PEDs).

Anyways, I just saw a picture from the end of today's stage, and it showed Erik Zabel (Petacchi's lead-out man) raising his hands to celebrate his teammate's victory. He must have been pretty disappointed when he saw that Hushovd had won ;)

Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Thor has always been one of my favorites; I like tall sprinters... since I am one. Thor and Magnus are two of my favorite riders, just because they seem to defy the odds in the sport.

Blogger mags said...

Yeah, Thor is very much a talented individual. Maybe this will be his best season yet?



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