Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well, I've just finished day 1 of an 8 day capacity block. I'm planning to do 10 I-5 interval sessions during these 8 days (heart rate 90-95%). If my legs can hold up and I complete the cycle with some quality - I should really see a nice increase in my O2 values. This is something new for me, I haven't tried having that many high intensity sessions in that short of a time-span.

I'm excited and a bit "nervous". Proper execution is so vital for this to work. Most people go too hard on these intervals, so I'll be using both HR, Watts and lactate to monitor and adjust the intensity.

I'm doing 5 x 4 minute efforts mostly, with a few longer 30-40 minute distance sessions to spice things up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of wattage sensor do you use? An SRM? How do you measure your lactate values? Are you doing these intervals in some kind of lab?

Thanks =)

Blogger mags said...

Yes, SRM.

I have some qualified help to take lactage measurements at the end of these intervals, in order to adjust intensity. but it all takes place where it should, outside... :)


Blogger Caloi-Rider said...

Right on. I'll bet you'll see some speed gains from this almost immediately.

Blogger mags said...

Yeah, I should.

Blogger Caloi-Rider said...

I've worked in two weightlifting-squat sessions per week lately, so I'm hoping I'll see some gains from that as well when it comes to hillclimb TT'ing. What do you think--good idea? Or should I stick to riding?

Blogger mags said...

I believe that spending time in the weight room will give you benefits on the road - if you do it the right way.

Lifting heavy and few reps (ideally 4 reps, 4 sets) has been proven to increase the efficency of exisiting muscle mass, without increasing size. For this to work, you have to use max weight, slow movements etc.

Blogger Al Maviva said...

Sounds like fun work. Next year maybe going into my second season of racing. Right now capacity isn't the problem, recovering from 2-3 surges per lap in crits is. Riding steady at 10-15 beats over LT isn't a problem, but every crit in my area has a small hill on it leading into a corner at the top, and doing a hard 20 second surge every lap while otherwise riding tempo or right at LT seems difficult to recover from. Any thoughts other than the lame one that occurred to me, which was "improve your endurance base so you can ride at 24-25 in the endurance zone"?

Blogger mags said...


Thanks for the interesting comment. I've tried to address your question in a new blog entry, check it out. Hope it answers some questions.



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