Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sir Ken Robinson and my own ramblings

To follow up on my previous entry with regards to TED; Check out their TedTalks section and watch Sir Ken Robinson speak about our current education system. Very entertaining and more importantly it will most likely get you thinking. It got the little wheels in my brain spinning.

I'm going to borrow some of his ideas to further something I've written about extensively before on this blog; the place of physical education in our school system. Or should I say the lack of physical education?

As the distinguished Robinson points out - we are currently treating education as training for our brain and even more specifically the left side of our brain. That's it. A very narrow system really, isn't it?

What if we spent just a little bit of the time available trying to teach the youth about proper lifestyle choice? What foods to eat, the importance of activity (exercise) etc. And I'm not talking about the half a semester of "health education" that a student gets in Junior High School. No, this should be a required class for the 12 years of elementary education.

We have completely neglected our bodies and treat them like transport for our brains. The result is all too visible around us today.

Also, why do we put so many limits for children with regards to their choice of careers? I don't know how many times I've heard it's not possible to ride a bike for a living. And I know a lot of other riders that have been told the same thing. I'm sure the same goes for artists, musicians and pretty much everyone else that isn't planning on becoming a science graduate.

What happened to reaching for goals and being creative?


Blogger Tom said...

You are so right about the need to teach lifestyle skills like diet, nutrition and exercise. But let's also have dance, art, music, and creativity, too!

Blogger mags said...


I agree 100%.



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