Monday, July 31, 2006


What do we wish for in athletes? Often what goes on between your ears is just as important for performance, as what you have in your legs.

I've listed some focus points that I try to reach for and I hope that you will also find something useful here:

1. Being able to handle, and grow, while under pressure. "Rise to the occasion".

2. Realize that you go through both ups AND downs as an athlete. Often, how we handle the downs is vital for success later on.

3. Being "best when it matters". Match top performance with top event.

4. Be brave.

5. Be creative.

6. Fair Play. Have good role-models. Be a good citizen.

7. Live a good life outside of riding and after putting the bike away. Seek mental recovery as well as physical recovery.

8. What does it mean to succeed? Winning the national championship? Winning the World Championship? Olympic Gold? Or is it growth and development as a human being?

9. The most important goal is to create motivation and happiness.

10. Try to be motivated by happiness. The goal is to reach the "zone". If you are motivated by happiness you will find joy even during trivial training. And that is when development really starts happening.

11. There are 2 perspectives on motivation, performance oriented and goal oriented.

12. The performance oriented person compares himself with other people, is very focused on being the best, usually thinks talent is genetic, finds winning to be the number 1 thing, gets bored easily and is more likely to cheat.

13. The goal oriented person has himself as a reference point, is focused on doing his best and developing his own skills, shows great patience and thinks competing is fun if he accomplishes his work tasks; regardless of placing.

14. Perfection - never accept anything less. Always strive for perfection during your work tasks when you train and compete.

15. Compete primarily with yourself and not your competitors. Try to improve all the time, also during competitions. Focus on work tasks, NOT placement. In other words - you might win and be disappointed because you didn't accomplish your work tasks to the quality you desired. You may also end of in 20th place and be happy because you did all the tasks to perfection.

16. If you are a performance oriented athlete you probably tend to choose either extremely easy tasks or extremely hard tasks. You show signs of easily giving up when things don't work out.


If you have any questions about a specific point, please let me know and I'd love to elaborate. I hope some of you find this helpful.


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