Thursday, August 10, 2006


As always, I'm looking for new adventures and new places to push my limits. Since the season is slowly drawing towards an end, it's time to start looking for a new off-season challenge. My requirements are simple; the "event" has to build fitness towards the new season and most importantly, it has to put me outside of my comfort zone and challenge me mentally as well as physically.

So, I've started to develop a short-list and thought I'd present it here to hear if anyone has any recommendations. Without further due, here it is:

1. Mt. Blanc. It's the highest mountain in Europe and a fairly easy, non-technical climb. Maybe too easy, in fact. The mountain is climbed by thousands every summer and the record is a little over 5 hours round-trip from Chamonix. With a bit of acclimization to the high elevations, it could at least prove to be a good 1 day training effort.

2. Mera Peak. This is a 6500m high peak in Nepal. It's one of the highest, non-technical climbs in the Himalayas. This is certainly more challenging than Mt. Blanc, mostly due to the longer trek up the Hinku valley. This climb would most likely take 15-20 days, including the trek up the valley and some time for acclimization.

3. And finally, crossing Greenland on skis. Much more of a flat adventure, but being exposed to the Arctic weather would surly create a challenge. The length is about 600km and would most likely take around 18 days to complete.


Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

My vote would be for Mera Peak for two reasons, I've always wanted to see Nepal, and I think it would be the most challenging to you as well!

Blogger mags said...


Yeah - disregarding the logistical challenges of that trip, it would definately be worth it. It would also be good as a high altitude training camp, so there would be some added benefit there as well.

Of course, climbing in the Rocky Mountains is also on my list, although I know little of the terrain / area.



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