Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, after much thinking, considering and discussing - it looks like I'm going to make the leap and start a leadership and coaching education at a very reputable European university. Now, this does not in any way mean that I'm going to abandon my racing career. Not at all.

This program is uniquely created for, and only available to, top-level athletes. It follows a very laid-back 50% study-load, mostly long-distance learning supplemented with a few camps. Following the recommended timeline, I should be done in about 3.5 years. I'm interested in starting this, simply because I would like to share some of my experiences and be involved with training the new generation of athletes, once my own cycling career is over.

This has all be cleared with my team, sponsors and it will in no way conflict with my overall career goals. Most of the courses will be very familiar topics and mostly just organizing my experiences and put my own "touch" on some of the theories. The course starts fall 2007 and the group of athletes look very interesting. We will be about 20 students, consisting of a mix between riders, track and field and cross country skiers.

So, for the people that know me, your worst fear has become reality - I will be in a position to taint the minds and bodies of our future stars. :)


Blogger Dub said...

Sounds great! :)
Congrats, and good luck

Anonymous Phil said...

Congratulations Mags, i'm sure that you'll speed through this with your usual level of excellence.

And in future I'm happy to know that out youth will be tainted with good values regarding hard work and high ethical standards in the field of sporting education.

Blogger mags said...

Phil and Dub - thanks. :)


Blogger Surly Drew said...

Excellent choice!

Blogger mags said...

Drew - thank you, Sir! :) And it's nice to see you drop by this blog from time to time. :) Keep up the good work, my man.



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