Friday, August 18, 2006


I had a great late-morning training ride. Although it didn't start out as anything special, considering I got rained on for the first 30-40 miles or so, it soon changed. As i started entering one of the oldest forests in my area and the road narrows and snakes through the valleys and ridges, the mist was thick and although the rain was gone - the patches of fog remained. As i rode along, i was climbing in and out of these small areas of mist and fog, giving the forest a very mythical and fairly-tale like appearance.

I wished i had brought my camera, and had the ability to take great pictures, because this ride was one of those that sticks with you all day long. These conditions endured for the next 20 miles and i was totally lost in the scenery. On days like this, i thank the high heavens for the opportunity to do what i do. I wouldn't trade a day like this for anything, it is what makes it all worth it.


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