Sunday, August 06, 2006

One step at a time

Slowly, but surely, my form is starting to build it's way back up after my slow period in July. With a mix of longer, relatively easy rides and some harder efforts, my body seems to be responding fairly well and I'm getting stronger every week. I've still got 5-6 important races left on the calendar, along with a handful of races where I'm a proud bottle carrier.

On the topic of training, I would really like to stress the importance of finding out what works best for you. If you have spent a little bit of time researching training methodology, you know that there is a ton of well-meaning advice out there, but it may not all work for you.

We are all a bit different, both in genetic make-up and more importantly, training background. So, some riders may respond very well to lots of high intensity training while others progress more with longer, easier sessions and a few hard efforts. How do you find out what works for you? Experiment. Don't be afraid to try out various things.

It's important that you have the guts to do something, even if there is a possibility for failure. Playing it safe all the time will not give the results you want. You have to have a "killer" mentality to certain degree, both in training and racing.

Dare to train hard, harder than you have before. Next time you do a TT, go out harder than you have - test your boundaries, find out what is too hard. If you haven't blown-up in a TT, chances are you are racing below your potential.


Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Very true- you have to know where your boundaries/ limits are to be able to know when you are reaching your max.

For what it is worth, that Kilo last weekend was as fast as I could possibly hope to go- I was seeing spots and having trouble holding my line. I was at my max... as slow as that was.

Blogger mags said...


I agree. Lay it all out and see where you get. :)


Blogger servento said...

Hi, Mags.

I rode the local track championships (KM) today, and I'm satisfied with the results.

I arrived at the start, and I think there were about 40 riders in total, but only me and another guy in my age group.

First was the 500m sprint. I had practiced in the training, and I knew I would be fast. Of course, that doesn't help when you manage to clip out of your pedal right after the start. Still I managed to do a good ride, and I finished at 46.2 seconds, beating my only opponent by .6 seconds. It was also the fastest time of all the riders (M/F 10-16, Juniors and 30+).

The next race was the 2K pursuit, five laps around the 400m stadium. I felt great, and after doing some horrible curves, I was actually able to catch my opponent. I had hoped to get below 3 minutes, but I clocked in at 3:12, which was OK.

So, I got two victories today, and after the race, I looked almost like this ;)

- Servento

Blogger mags said...


Great job! Congratulations. Nice link by the way, hopefully we won't see another one of those...



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