Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nurturing a cold

Well, looks like I've got the standard end-of-season infection. Not a big crisis really, my head is almost entirely focused on the upcoming season. I will start preparing for it on October 1st, although that month will be relatively slow and easy. Trying to recharge mental batteries. I will post my training plan and goals for each month of season prep this year, so if you are interested - stop by towards the end of September to find out what I'm going to be doing in October.


Blogger Surly Drew said...


Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you get over it soon. I've got a related question.

While commuting from work last week I got hit by a car, or rather one cut me off and I hit it going 38kph. The good news is I wasn't killed :-) the bad is that I got twisted up pretty well. No broken bones but lots of stretched muscles in the upper and lower back and neck. I've been seeing my chiropractor and physiotherapist and am already greatly improved. Hoping to get back on the bike for some easy riding later this week.

In your experience after a bad impact crash, how much energy does it take out of your system and how long does it take your body to get back to normal on the bike? Also, are there any signs I should look for that might be signaling me to back off once I get back to training?



Blogger mags said...


I'm sorry to hear about the incident. I hope you recover fast.

It is really hard to give detailed help for such a problem - but here are some points that have helped me out in the past

1. Be patient. It will take the time it takes and if you go too hard, too soon - you'll only end up making things worse. I know this is a hard one to accept, but trust me -you need to.

2. It will hurt when you get back on and that's ok. You can ride with pain, but try to distinguish between what you would consider regular pain and the deep muscular and skeleton pain that indicates that you are causing damage to yourself.

hope this helps, Drew.

Blogger Surly Drew said...

Thanks Mags, that helps a lot and is along the lines of what I was thinking. Thank you for the confirmation.

Right now the therapy that my chiropractor is putting me through is the painful part ;-) But I'm a pretty quick healer so I'm optimistic. All I'm really looking for is the cost for replacing my bike and helmet. Considering the driver was cited by the police should go a long way in my favor.


Blogger mags said...


I hope you recover fast.


Blogger Surly Drew said...

Thanks, feeling much better already. If I continue the way I have been the last couple of days I'm hoping to get on the bike this weekend.

And didn't Vino ride well today ;-)


Blogger mags said...


Vino was strong. Very strong.


Blogger Caloi-Rider said...

Vino and Tom were both very impressive today. Rockin' awesome, really.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your off-season training, Mags. Hope you get healthy soon.

Blogger mags said...


Nice to see you stop by. Yes, I will soon post an entry with my thoughts and goals for the month of October. Stay tuned. :)



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