Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random thoughts

As promised, I will give a detailed description of my training plan, month by month, in the run-up to the 2007 season. Next week I will post my plan for the month of October, which is the first month of preparation for me.

On the year as a whole, I have started to evaluate the now dwindling season. What worked in terms of training? What didn't work? What do I need to focus on for next year?

Well, lets start with what didn't work so well in the 2006 season - as some of you might remember, I incorporated quite a bit of max strength training this year, hoping that it would improve efficiency. In fact, it might have improved efficiency, but I felt that I was sacrificing recovery time. In other words, the amount of time I was spending lifting affected my time and energy available for specific training on the bike. So, as a whole, the strength training was a bad choice on my part. Needless to say, I will not be doing any max strength training in the gym this year. This will free up time, and more importantly energy, for specific training on the bike. If I do some strength training, it will be Obree-style on the fixed gear.

Moving on, as a whole I probably did about 15-20 percent high intensity training (I-3 to I-5), with the brunt of that closer to the beginning of the season. This year I will be increasing the amount of high intensity training and decreasing volume a little bit. In other words, training the engine will be more of a focus area. I plan to do lots of I-3 training (threshold), simply because it is very easy to recover from and the trend in most endurance sports is just that. More and more time spent with I-3 training. Of course - there will also be quite a bit of I-4 and I-5 training, but that will come later (November through April).

I will also change my periodization slightly. Starting in November, I will have a capacity period of 6-12 days of very hard training (exclusively high intensity, I-4 to I-5) every 4-5 weeks. These periods will be very, very tough, but should give a good boost of performance. As always, it becomes extremely important to listen to the body during these periods. Knowing when to push and when to rest becomes vital. One of the overriding goals will be to stay healthy the whole year.

In a nutshell, from November through April, I will have two normal weeks followed by a very hard period, which in turn is followed by an easy week. Simple and basic, but very effective in terms of development. As always, the most important week is the easy week.

Quality, quality, quality. This will be my motto in 2007. Everything that I do needs to have top quality. All training, including the easy rides, food, rest, sleep, mental focus - nothing will be done without top quality.

Flexibility - I did some good work on that in 2006 and will certainly continue that next year. This is almost a daily thing, except after hard sessions. I have seen good results from it, since I can now produce more power in a more aerodynamic (lower) position.

Core strength - Another good area from 2006, which will be continued next year. Basically, I will do 3 sessions a week, year round. Each session lasts about 40 minutes, excluding warm-up, so it's fast and easy.

So, what about the future? Well, in the grand-scheme of things, the main goal still exists - I will be in the top 5 in the world by 2010 - 2011. That's a big goal, and every day, month and year is a small step towards that goal. On paper, it's pretty simple - to reach the top I need to be able to maintain 50-53 km/h for a 1 hour effort in the TT, for example. Each season, I need to take small steps towards the increase in performance. With proper training, each day, it is a realistic, but gutsy, goal.

As an interesting side-note, I have been experimenting with the 4000 m pursuit in training this year, and it turns out that I have some potential in this event. With very little training for this event, I have been posting some pretty fast times and I might be aiming for riding some world cups in this event in the future. With some small changes in equipment, position and specific training - I might be looking at doing a double (track and road), if possible.


Blogger Skibby said...

Knut Anders Fostervold

Blogger mags said...

What about him?


Blogger Skibby said...

he threw down a good tt at worlds...

Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

Mags, You need to think about writing a training bible! Your advice has been invaluable to me!

Blogger mags said...

Skibby - yeah, he did do an ok job. Imagine what he could have done if he chose cycling at an earlier stage...

Tom - nice to see you drop by. And you are much, much to kind.


Blogger Skibby said...

what kind of 4k times are you throwing down?

Blogger mags said...

Skibby - only done a handful in training, but I'm hovering around 4:30 without any schedule and much experience. With some changes in equipment, position, specific training and more experience - it could be exciting....


Blogger Skibby said...

4:30? That's wicked fast dawg!!! That would win you US elite natz... Your 3k must be in the 3:20's ?

Blogger mags said...

Skibby - thanks man. :) It's an ok time, but there are quite a few riders faster than that. Especially when it really matters... So, to be realistic, I've got a ways to go yet, but it's promising. One problem is the financial side, not too easy to make a decent living racing those type of track events with 100% dedication. Almost need to have a good road career for that.


Blogger Skibby said...

right, you need to be like the Brads: Wiggins and McGee...

Blogger mags said...




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