Sunday, September 24, 2006


Brad W. speaks out -

Right on, man! Well said.


Blogger iain said...

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Blogger iain said...

Too right, good on him. Maybe his example will encourage a few others to get out there saying the same thing.
Full article here

Blogger Patrick said...

blah blah...and who was wearing the GB jersey for the TT Worlds? the Landis testosterone deal is such bull. He didn't do it because it makes 0 sense for him to have done it...dig?

Blogger mags said...

I dig, you dig, we all dig... I just wish Landis would dig with me as well...


Blogger Skibby said...

Patrick,"he didn't do it because it makes 0 sense for him to have done it?" from

"Every athlete who has ever taken synthetic testosterone knows that it helps him recover faster. So Floyd Landis was exhausted after bonking on the previous day. Late in the race, he ran out of fluid and fuel and tired terribly. On the next day, he was better than any one else and won his race by more than eight minutes."

Blogger mags said...

I'm afraid Skibby has a point there. Testosterone has been used for decades, with well proven benefits, for increased recovery rates...



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