Wednesday, November 08, 2006

October review, November plan

Well, better late than never. :)

October turned out to be a great training month. I was able to execute everything as planned, while maintaining some extra energy. The "important" sessions (I-3 and I-4) all got a 1. Rating in my log.

The plan for November was to build on the gains realized in October. Still a heavy emphasis on threshold intervals (I-3) and 1 I-4 distance session a week (25 minute). In other words, I've got 3 interval sessions scheduled a week this month, 2 I-3 and 1-4. This will allow me to build threshold ability, while maintaining and moving AT with the I-4 session.

The rest of the sessions are I-1 and I-2 sessions, giving a total amount of hours for November around 70-75. So, still a gentle, slow but steady build. The periodization is a steady increase in weekly hours and training load for the first 3 weeks, with a recovery week at the end. In addition to the bike specific training, I also have 3 core strength sessions planned a week, as usual.

So, that was the plan. But, like all great plans..... You know how it goes. As the first of November rolled around, so did a nasty cold. I only trained 10 hours in the first week of November and as a result I'm far behind my plan. I'm not panicking, but I'm certainly not happy either. I tend to get pretty "grumpy" when I can't train as planned.

I haven't trained since Sunday and will take today and tomorrow off. Hopefully I'll be back in shape by Friday, so that I can start back up. I tweaked my monthly plan and as a result, I will still reach my planned volume for the month, but I will lose 3 quality sessions (2 I-3 intervals and 1 I-4 sessions). Hopefully this is the first and last sick period this season. I take fairly extreme precautions, but somehow those little germs must have slipped by my defenses. :)

As always - GI GASS!!!!!!


Blogger Tom Stormcrowe said...

God dag Mags! Thought I'd drop by and say hello! Looks like you are doing well!

Blogger mags said...


Nice of you to stop by. I'm doing alright, thanks for asking.



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