Thursday, December 07, 2006

November wrap-up, December outlook

So we are moving closer and closer to Christmas. Anyone feeling the stress yet?

November ended up being a fairly successful month, all things considered. Despite losing about 1 week due to illness early in the month, I managed to get in 3 weeks of good volume and some fairly decent interval sessions. The only thing that I logged in the "con" column in November was the lack of intervals. I didn't manage to complete the planned amount of intervals, but being so early in the season - I'm not panicking.

I'm done with the first week of December already, and things are going excellent. December and January are critical months in my season prep and staying healthy becomes more important than ever. Both months will be high volume with about 4 interval sessions a week. I have planned 2 I-3 sessions, 1 I-4 distance session and 1 I-5 session per week for the month of December. The rest of the training is 2-5 hour rides, mostly done in the I-1 and I-2 zones.

I have, as always, 1 mandatory rest day per week, with an additional rest day that I will take, if I feel excessively run-down. Towards the end of December I have about 3 additional rest / recovery days planned, to let my body absorb the training.

One positive "surprise" this year is that I'm recovering much faster than last year. This has allowed me to increase volume effectively.

As always, happy training everyone!