Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, that's a wrap.

December ended up being a super month, with regards to training. The quality and volume both ended up as planned, with the body feeling good. Slightly run-down, but I feel I'm balancing it all fairly well still.

As for January - more of the same. Much more.... Most likely my highest volume month, with 4 high intensity sessions per week (2 I-3, 1 I-4 and 1 I-5). The first two weeks of January will be very hard, so I've got a mixed outlook on the next 12-14 days or so. Sort of a mix between excitement and dread. The 3rd week is fairly easy, to absorb the previous training, while the 4th week is pretty normal.

Hope everyone had a great 2006 and ready to rock in 2007. As always - GI GASS!


Blogger Surly Drew said...

Happy New Year Mags,

For Time Trialing, at what cadence do you personally find your highest sustainable power output? And what is your avg HR for the duration (as a % of max HR)?



Blogger Fritz said...

Happy New Year, Mags!

Blogger mags said...

Drew - I'm most comfortable between 90-100 rpm when TTing. Threshold heartrate is between 85-90% of max.

Interestingly, this number has been slowly creeing upwards as my efficiency increases.

Fritz - Thank you, nice of you to stop by. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am training for the pursuit. I have been into the sport for 4 years now, and increasing volume by 10% each year.
I wonder if you could tell me how many hours per week you'll be training for this month of january. About threshold what was last season peak 30 min sustainable power.
Thanks very much

Blogger Surly Drew said...


Ok, great. HR numbers match my own, but I agree about looking for the upward creep as strength, power and efficiency increase.

One of the things I'm working on is increasing my cadence towards the higher end of the scale. Right now I'm more comfortable in the 85-90 range but am focusing on the 95-100 range to see what affect this has on prolonged power output. I've been a masher in the past but would like to see if spinning more will have greater affect on time and speed.


Blogger mags said...

Francesco - Sounds like your increase in volume is very reasonable and smart. 10% is about as much as you would want to increase per year.

This month I'll be around 25-35 hours of training per week. I'm a bit run-down right now and it's a bit of a struggle to get on the bike - but I've got a very slow period scheduled in the middle of the month.

About power - I didn't train much with a power-meter last year, so I couldn't really tell you. Sorry.

Drew - Yes, I think it's a good idea to experiment to try to find your "optimal" cadence. It's such an individual thing that the only way to do it, is to try it yourself.

As always, I appreciate the comments! Keep 'em coming. :)



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